WWE 2K Battlegrounds Review

This past year, 2K Sports introduced WWE 2K20 to scathing reviews, together with the match becoming universally panned because of its serious technical problems and generally bad game design. In response to the (and in light of this continuing coronavirus pandemic), 2K Sports made the choice to cancel WWE 2K21 and provide Visible Concepts a little additional time to operate on another entry in the long-running pro wrestling simulation game collection. In more ways than you, the game feels rushed, which is quite evident with its heart fighting game. Though WWE 2K Battlegrounds includes a huge roster of wrestlers in the 80s to present day, all of them feel just like carbon copies of one another. And even with every wrestler set in a distinct course, everybody fights the same, inducing the individualized movesets that could be discovered from the WWE 2K simulation games (out of finishing moves, that’s ).

More proof of corner-cutting are available with slipups like having a picture of Tessa Blanchard on a tutorial display and particularly in the campaign style. Instead of all cut-scenes, the WWE 2K Battlegrounds narrative is told through comic book panels, which will be a hallmark of non invasive or dashed releases. The comics give just a tiny bit of context into the games (it is about Paul Heyman and”Stone Cold” Steve Austin recruiting the next-generation of wrestlers) however they’re completely skippable. There are a few mildly amusing deep cut references and jokes to get longtime WWE lovers, but maybe not much else.

The WWE 2K Battlegrounds narrative campaign is a fantastic way to become familiar with the various arenas and game types, but things begin to become insistent about three chapters in since players have seen what there is to watch. Players continue through those game types against different competitors for a couple of hours, and the effort is finished.

The effort is short and repetitive, but also to its credit, it will have a great deal of content for gamers to unlock. WWE 2K Battlegrounds players may push through the primary story missions, but they could also ramble off the beaten path, completing side missions to earn additional customization things for Create-A-Wrestler. This produces the effort at least marginally worth playingif the matches themselves are somewhat boring.

Like many other WWE matches, WWE 2K Battlegrounds includes a character development system, even though it’s much less extensive compared to simulation games. However, WWE 2K Battlegrounds’ cartoony art style does not really warrant in-depth character development tools anyhow.

Having the capability to make absurd-looking characters matches the WWE 2K Battlegrounds motif perfectly. The game completely embraces its silliness, with stainless steel pliers, wrestlers hitting every other with fists which are literally on fire, and secured characters appearing in activity sticks, trying to pound out their way. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is totally over-the-top, allowing players do everything out of hitting their opponents using a bike to feeding on them to alligators.

The arenas that are ridiculous are a few of the most interesting elements of WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Rather than fighting it from the Performance Center or some normal WWE arena, WWE 2K Battlegrounds arenas are put in areas like swamplands and army boot camps. The majority of the arenas have particular interactable components, such as the above alligator, or in the event of the Mexican stadium, a goat that is ritualistic.

For the most part, these gimmicks provide WWE 2K Battlegrounds arenas some excess character, and they are great for a laugh. However, the more one plays WWE 2K Battlegrounds, the gimmicks become less humorous and more inconvenient. The goat can be particularly annoying, since the AI tends to go right for it and it slows the design of this game.

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