The battle royale genre is turning into an increasingly crowded area. A number of new battle royale games have introduced last year , with some getting large, mainstream strikes and others fighting to discover a consistent crowd. The battle royales that appear to perform well are those which produce aContinue Reading

Supergiant Games is a self-described”little developer with large aspirations,” making its achievement using Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre even more impressive. But, its newest may only be its very best match however, with Hades after in these huge footsteps but dialing up everything to 11. It requires everything the programmer isContinue Reading

In the last several decades, classic’90s shooters such as DOOM and Wolfenstein happen to be resurrected to popular and critical acclaim. Together with the likes of DOOM once again acting as a reference for shooter excellence, there was clear hype in a little but still-loyal community when Serious Sam 4Continue Reading